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ErMats International Foods Ltd. is an agricultural commodity brokerage firm that specializes in pulses based in Canada. Our founder, Dr. Erminio Fina, is a renowned broker with over 20 years of experience in the field. Through the years, ErMats International Foods has become synonymous with reliability, service and an unmatched knowledge within the industry. The privileged status entrusted in us by key suppliers of the industry have enabled us to acquire the best products at the best prices, resulting in big savings to an ever more faithful customer base and expanding clientele. Today we serve over 100 companies worldwide, among them some of the biggest canning and packaging companies around the globe. We are very proud of our expertise and how it serves to make our clients grow. We would be even more proud to put that expertise to serve you, our next new success!


Black and White Photo of the owner Erminio Fina

Dr. Erminio Fina

Founder & CEO

Dr. Erminio Fina has lived extensively in Italy, Germany, USA and Canada. These experiences have enriched Dr. Fina's knowledge in the understanding of people and their cultures; a crucial aspect in the success of a global brokerage firm.
Dr. Fina pursued his Bachelor of Business Administration at Schiller University, in Germany, followed by a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, USA. He received his Doctorate Cum Laude in Economics from the Universita' di Bologna, Italy. His Doctoral thesis "A Test of Internalization Theory and Internationaliz
ation Theory: The Upjohn Company" was published worldwide by Management International Review and has been referred to by numerous academic researchers and was selected as one of the Financial Times Best 30 Articles




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